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O’ri Skincare – Science in Skincare


Your skin just received a new friend request and her name is O’ri. She has a degree in science and spends her days smoothing out wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and refining pores. She adores making her friends feel confident and bringing out the best in them. She believes simplicity is key and authenticity is at her core. O’ri skincare is your skin confidant with five effective products that will transform your skin in just three months. O’ri will have you asking – why haven’t we become friends sooner?

O’ri is a scientifically researched skincare range that was born out of a desire to make gold-standard skincare available to the everyday woman. With more than 30 years of skin care experience and a dream to give every woman the best skin she’s ever had, founder Elmarie Erasmus was willing to use the last bit of her savings to travel overseas and find a skincare delivery system to bring her dream alive. Thankfully, she only had to travel down the road to find cosmetic scientist Professor Anne Grobler and her breakthrough Pheroid® technology.

Pheroid® technology is a unique delivery system that allows ingredients to be efficiently absorbed by the skin. Best to think of Pheroid® technology as a very effective high-speed train delivering highly specialised workers. It knows exactly where to stop, what ingredients to deliver at what cell station, and in the shortest time possible. Once the ingredients are delivered, it can then get to work to stimulate healthy skin activity. The result is ingredients do exactly what they’re formulated to do, and ultimately that you see healthier and happier skin much faster.

O’ri consists of only five products that cleanse, refine, soothe, firm, hydrate, moisturise and protect. No-fuss, no over-thinking just beautiful glowing skin in a few easy steps. The combination of skin-compatible active ingredients and innovative Pheroid® technology means O’ri is safe and effective to use on all skin types and all ages.

Gold-standard Ingredients
Throughout Elmarie’s career as an aesthetician, she has closely worked with numerous skincare brands, aesthetic doctors and cosmetic pharmacists, educating herself on every aspect of the skin. This has helped her identify the best ingredients to incorporate into the O’ri skincare range and discern between ingredients supported by scientific evidence and simple marketing hype.

Retinol was an obvious and clear choice for O’ri because of its ability to restore and simultaneously create healthy and resilient skin. O’ri is formulated with one of the highest grades of retinol available and because of the Pheroid® technology is safe to use every morning and evening. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant for evening out hyperpigmentation and dullness. Hyaluronic acid is a trusted ingredient to restore hydration and improve firmness. Peptides are the building blocks of healthy skin and because of the Pheroid® technology application, it is successfully absorbed to restore firmness, soothe and smooth out wrinkles. Lastly, Niacinamide was selected for its strong antioxidant and skin-refining properties that are exceptionally well-suited to breakout-prone skin.

The women that use O’ri are walking and talking testimonies of how good and effective the range is. Mothers have shared it with their daughters, women with their friends and now we want to share O’ri with you.

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