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How groomed is your man?

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“He spends more on his skincare than I do!” “He has cleanser and moisturiser and he’s super serious about using them.” “Beard oil, face cream, soothing lotion after shaving, sunscreen, moisturiser – he has a whole routine!” “He has all…

The eternal search for beautiful skin

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Cleansers, treatments, serums, moisturisers, toners, exfoliators, chemical peels, face masks, eye creams, facials galore – when it comes to looking after your skin today, there are so many options and so many products to choose from. It’s no surprise though…

Look good, feel good!

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O’ri het onlangs ‘n fantastiese getuienis ontvang van ‘n tevrede klient, lees Andrie du Plessis se ervaring met die O’ri reeks hieronder. “Al is ek lank verby die tiener fase, sukkel ek nogsteeds met ‘n “tiener vel”. Ek is deur…