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Unique, scientific development in skincare

The Science behind O’ri

What is Pheroid® technology?
This unique, and may we add locally developed technology, is a delivery system that allows ingredients to be efficiently absorbed by the skin. The result is ingredients do exactly what they’re formulated to do, and ultimately that you see healthier and happier skin much faster.

Because the skin is both a physical and chemical barrier, meaning its function is to protect us from nasties such as pathogens and harmful chemicals, scientists have found that our skincare needs a little help to unlock its full potential. Which is where a delivery system enters. Think of Pheroid® technology as a very effective high-speed train delivering highly specialised workers. It knows exactly where to stop, what ingredients to deliver at what cell station, and in the shortest time possible. Once the ingredients are delivered, it can then get to work to stimulate healthy skin activity.

But the Pheroid® technology used in O’ri is not just a delivery system. You see, every molecule that’s used to create it serves a beneficial purpose. It is formulated with skin-identical and essential molecules which means it’s easily absorbed, non-irritating and has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Technology that is kind to nature
Throughout every step of the process we have asked ourselves – how can we create an innovative skincare range that will give us the results we want and be mindful of the environment?

O’ri understands that true innovation is considerate of every step of the process and should not be at the cost of something else.

We are proud to say that the formulation and productions process of Pheroid® technology is completely green. This means: