Skincare Technology

O’ri is a scientifically researched skincare range which combines skin-compatible active ingredients with innovative Pheroid® technology to deliver unparalleled, significant and visible results. 

O’ri was created by combining the extensive knowledge of an accomplished South African aesthetician and the skills of a renowned cosmetic scientist. 

Now, women and men of all ages can have access to salon quality skincare that makes a visible difference!

Where to find O'ri Products

Online Retailers

SkinMiles | tel:+27128075529

La Femme Studio | tel:+27823273760


Dr. Thys Heyns | tel:+27123461552

Beautox and Filler Clinic | tel:+27838704445

Beauty Line | tel:0823227002

Aesthetics @97 | 067 225 7945

Dr DEP Nortje Inc. | tel:0838704445

North West

Renue Skin, Body & Nails | tel:+27180113369

Salon Sian Sasha | tel:0822105953

Willa Krause Salon | tel:0723440098

Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic |


Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics | tel:0326480048

Lily Rose Beautique | tel:0794763263

Salon Sedona | tel: 078 294 4693

Free State

Bellosa Skincare Clinic | tel:0745836024

Eastern Cape

Alchemy Skin & Body | tel:0760984672

The Skin Queen | tel:0784849975

Simply Beyoutiful | tel:0728384433


La Femm Studio & Boutique | tel:0720545296


Sheer Elegance | tel:0765040191

Western Cape

Dr Marguerite Adriaanse |

  • Kaitlyn Venter says

    "I LOVE the O'ri Range. My skin feels amazing after using it."

  • Amanda Botha says

    "I've been using O'ri for 3 years and I'm very happy with my skin's condition. Thank you!"

  • Elzaan Swanepoel says

    "A product that cares, renews and protects is really har to find, even more so one the is affordable. My skin feels refreshed every day I use it, to say I love this product is an understatement with gratitude!"